Plan a Klimamarch 'Pre-Event'

People’s Climate March Copenhagen 2017 invites everyone to support the change we need by mobilizing in the weeks leading up to April 29. The program on April 29th will include workshops, direct actions, interactive installations, music, speeches, participatory peaceful resistance through art, celebration of community, a march, and more. At the heart of this Day of Mass Mobilization is a return to a more grassroots approach to public action, which requires coalition and participation. This is why we are sending out a call to all our supporters, as organizations and individuals, to take initiative and hold ‘pre-events’ under the umbrella of Folkets Klimamarch, in advance of 29 April, 2017. Pre-events help the message and values of the march to reach the wider community.

The spectrum of possible pre-events over the coming weeks is limited only by your imagination; from Friday bar or morgenfest/danse ‘for a cause’, to guerilla gardening workshops, film screenings, to roundtable discussions about climate refugees and Danish immigration policy, to flashmobs, artivism workshops, slogan & sign making sessions, to potlucks - whatever you think sounds engaging!

Each of YOU has your own unique networks – and we want you to mobilize them to hold events that bring awareness and excitement to the Day of Mass Mobilization. The event does not have to be specifically about climate change. If you share the movement’s values, use your knowledge and power to draw attention to it – in colorful and creative ways. We infact encourage you to think beyond climate and connect the dots to other movements, struggles, and points of interest.

Here are ways that your event can support Klimamarch:

·      Frame and promote your pre-event as ‘In support of the People’s Climate March, we hold this event…’. This will draw people’s attention to the march and help to demonstrate that people in all kinds of sectors, groups, and affiliations recognize the need for rapid and responsible climate action. This is the most important part of the pre-events! 

·      Empower your participants to get involved in the march by attending, volunteering, or if they have a specific skill or connection that could be an asset to the movement, to get in touch with us directly.

·      Help us fundraise, by either including our MobilePay number and asking for donations, and/or by organizing a sharing scheme, for instance if there are charges for tickets/admission, consider giving a percentage toward the march.

We will promote your event! Please remember to share it with us, so we can include it on the People’s Climate March page. 

The hope is that through all of these, we will draw attention to how the issues affect all of us. No one is out of reach. And everyone is needed to demand the necessary change. To Change Everything, We Need Everyone!