People's Climate March Copenhagen Press Release (English)


April 24, 2017



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København Joins The People’s Climate Movement for A Global Day of Mass Mobilization

on Saturday 29, April 2017

Including a Mock Wedding at Christiansborg to Protest Folketinget-Mærsk Agreement and a March Around the City’s Historic Harbor


Program Featuring: Greenlandic Writer Aka Niviâna, Environmental Activist Sille Bjelke, Anti-Privatization Activist Caroline Bjerglund Andersen, North Sea Agreement Expert Rasmus Nordqvist, and Musical Performance by Small Time Giants.

Copenhagen, Denmark — Thousands have committed to march in Copenhagen on April 29, 2017 for rapid and responsive climate action to protect people and the environment. The march in Copenhagen is one of over 300 happenings nationwide and internationally. Inspired by the historic People’s Climate Mobilization in Washington, D.C., April 29 2017 marks the 100th day of the Trump administration, a symbol of the global systems that threaten the future of our planet and the safety of our communities.

In Copenhagen, organizers and activists have just announced a mock wedding to amplify dissatisfaction with the agreement between Parliament and Mærsk Oil to use public funds to subsidize further oil and gas exploitation in the North Sea. “We believe this decision is reckless when we know the global carbon budget, which dictates that more than 2/3 of existing fossil fuel reserves must be kept in the ground. The decision completely undermines Danish legitimacy in the global effort to mitigate climate change. How can Danish politicians ask poorer countries to contribute to climate change mitigation in international negotiations while promoting fossil fuel industry at home?” shared Jens Friis Lund, a march co-organizer.

Additionally, the event will include key speakers focusing on a variety of aspects of the of the climate crisis and alternative ways forward, a lively march around the harbor accompanied by kayaktivists, live music, face painting stations for children, participatory peaceful resistance, celebration of community and more.

The program emphasizes a broad demand for responsible political and grassroots led action to address climate change and intersecting social justice issues. “The march embodies our core values and demands; putting concerns for people and environment before economic growth, calling on Denmark to lead the international community in centering the voices, concerns, and aspirations of those nations and individuals who disproportionately bear the heaviest burdens of climate change, and reclaiming the systems of power that allow a small elite to control the fate of the many.” said Colleen Carroll, one of the march co-organizers.  

The event is independently organized by small grassroots network of concerned residents driven by a sense of urgency and responsibility to reclaim the power and move the world in more just and environmentally safe direction. They are working in coalition with Danish & international organizations. Twenty-nine Danish organizations have put their support behind the march, from a community garden, to Black Lives Matter – Denmark, to the main Danish environmental organizations and networks. “This global movement is increasingly diverse – including here in Denmark. Regular people are realizing that the climate is already changing, with dire consequences to people also here at home, and that our politicians are not taking credible actions to mitigate it.” another co-organizer Rebecca Rutt added.

A series of march pre-events over the past weeks have increased awareness about the march and the risks from climate change including film screenings and a dance flashmob in the city center. On Sunday the 23rd, KU students organized the ‘Climate March Bike Ride’ where cyclists in swim gear and snorkel masks biked around Copenhagen city distributing flyers for the march.

To Change Everything, We Need Everyone.


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