People’s Climate March Copenhagen

On April 29th, Denmark will march in solidarity with people around the world to demand rapid and responsible climate action and social justice. Climate change harms us all. Its destruction of physical infrastructure and social and natural systems is already a global reality. Despite our relative wealth, it is coming too, to our low-lying island-based country.

We march:
• To put concerns for people and environment before economic growth
• For systemic change as opposed to individualization of climate responsibility
• To call on Denmark to lead the international community in centering the voices, concerns, and aspirations of those nations and individuals who disproportionately bear the heaviest burdens of climate change.
• To dismantle the systems of power in Denmark and globally that allow a small elite to control the fate of the many. 

The global People’s Climate Movement chose April 29, 2017 as this date marks the first 100 days in office for US President Donald Trump, whose administration is filled with corporate representatives who threaten to abandon the Paris agreement and enact destructive policies that accelerate carbon emissions and human rights offenses. Trump is symptomatic of a broader phenomenon. We see global trends of privatization, increasing inequalities, and resource extraction at any costs, the broad failure to meet important climate thresholds, and the reneging of policies enacted to protect people and the environment. 

And yet, we also see a surge in intersectional resistance movements around the world, including numerous actions to counteract sexism, racism, xenophobia, and prejudice right here in Denmark. With the People’s Climate March 2017 we wish to show solidarity with all of these movements and actions!

A Day of Mass Mobilization: 
As a part of the Global Day of Action, Copenhagen will host a day of Mass Mobilization including workshops, direct actions, music, speeches, participatory peaceful resistance through art, celebration of community and more, ending in a march to Christiansborg where our final call to collective action will take place at the gate of the Danish Parliament. (Details coming soon). 

Who We Are:
We are a small network of concerned people from a mix of backgrounds and experience with grassroots social mobilization. We are driven by a sense of urgency and responsibility to reclaim the power to move the world in more just and environmentally safe directions. We are working in coalition with Danish & International organizations.

How to Get Involved:
We need you- your ideas, your time, your body- to make this grassroots event powerful. Please share our page with your networks and stay tuned here for updates on the main march and for pre-events led by partner organizations, including sign-making events, roundtables, dance parties, and more.

Volunteer - If you want to volunteer on the day of the march or beforehand, please contact our volunteer coordinator Mary at

Donate - If you can support financially, even the smallest donations are deeply appreciated! They will help cover costs like stage and sound system rental and sign-making materials. All excess will be donated to Danish-based organizations that support systemic change to halt climate change. You can donate by MobilePay to Nora, our donation coordinator, at +45 7137 8587.

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JOIN US as We Resist, We Build, We Rise!